Our Curriculum

The reasons given for choosing a Catholic school almost always involve values, but St Joseph's also provides a high-quality education and excellence in learning and teaching.  The St Joseph’s curriculum is based on the “New Zealand Curriculum”, Ministry of Education (2007).  Our curriculum encompasses the essential learning areas of:

  • Religious Education

  • English - reading, writing, oral language

  • Mathematics and Statistics

  • Science

  • Technology

  • Health and Physical Education

  • The Arts - visual art, dance, drama, music

  • Social Sciences

  • Languages

The curriculum also identifies the five key competencies of:

  • Thinking

  • Using language, symbols and texts

  • Managing self

  • Relating to others

  • Participating and contributing

Pupils are encouraged to respect themselves, others and their environment.  We have high expectations regarding good manners, uniform and behaviour.  Our supportive environment encourages both personal grown and an enjoyment of learning.  These values are encompassed in our daily life at school.
As well as modelling these values within the school grounds there is an expectation that these values flow over into their day to day lives, whether it be representing the school at sporting events, or at home.

The school holds assemblies every second Friday at 2:20pm. This is a great chance for the children to share what their class has been working on and
 to also partake in some singing.  We also encourage parents to attend.  Shared prayer is generally held on alternate Friday's which parents are welcome to join as well.

St Josephs last underwent an ERO review in August 2015.  We were pleased that the report

echoed our own belief that we are an exceptional school, where children not only learn great
values, but also thrive academically.  



Excerpt from latest Education Review Office Report:

“The 2015 review found a strong emphasis is placed on the holistic development of the child. The Curriculum is very responsive to the needs, interests and abilities of the students”.
Education Review Office 2015

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