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School Hours

The school day starts at 8.55am.  Children can arrive from 8.30am. 

Morning tea is at 10:40am, allowing 20 minutes for a small snack, fresh air and some play.


Lunch is at 12.30pm and the children are asked to sit for 15 minutes so they can eat.

Lunch time finishes at 1.30pm.

Every Friday, the children can purchase lunch from Gold's Bakery or Subway (please see the office for a price list and how to order).
On the last Friday of each term there is also the option of fish and chips.

In terms 2 and 3 the piewarmer is turned on for packed lunches to be heated up eg, cheese rolls, mini pizzas, pies etc.

The school day finishes at 2.55pm and a school bus picks up some children for connections with the High School.

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