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Sports & Recreation

Our students are involved in a wide range of sporting and recreational opportunities, provided in school and via the support of local clubs.

These include rugby, netball, soccer, tennis, softball, dance, karate, athletics and hockey to name a few.

As a school we provide swimming lessons via two block courses throughout the year.

St Joseph's is committed to providing "Education Ouside the Classroom" for its senior and junior students.  A popular element of this programme is our school camp, held for year 5-8 students.
These camps are held annually at various locations, and have proven a highlight for the senior students & accompanying parents, cargivers and staff.


Emily (12):

“I love being involved in lots of different sports, like netball, karate, softball and athletics.... its been fun to hang out with my St Jos friends but its also helped me make lots of friends from other schools”.

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