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Welcome to Room Aroha

Kia ora and welcome to Room Aroha. We currently have 19 Year 2, 3 and 4 children in our classroom. The teaching is shared by Rowena Miller & Annette O’Mahony (Principal). We are enthusiastic about our learning and are looking forward to a fantastic 2022! 


Term 2

Room Aroha really enjoyed our inquiry topic of We are all made in the image and likeness of God. The children learned that we are individuals, with different family members, as well as different extended family members. They all belonged to different groups such as Keas, Surf club and gymnastics. Some of the class were even born in other countries and this led to a wonderful use of an Atlas. All children could locate the country they were born in as well as locate mountains and seas. By the end of the unit they all had one thing in common- that they were made by God and have a piece of God in them. It was all summed up in our class display.


Term 3 gives us another wonderful topic- Magical places. This has already begun with them looking at what they consider a wonderful place that has had a big impact on their memories.  This will lead to developing a place at school that will be a collective design that will draw all their ideas together that can be shared by the whole school. For Religious Education Room Aroha is also learning about being “called to be like Jesus” and what this means to the way the live their daily lives. This is supported by our school values programme which encourages them to “Listen to God”. In writing we are focusing on persuasive text and how they have to support their opinion with facts. So we will be reading and practicing how this will look and sound. Maths is still very important with learning their basic facts and times tables- 2x, 5x, and 10x.

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